Xpozure: Celebrating Cultural Artistry

At Xpozure, we stand as ambassadors of diversity, celebrating the vibrant tapestry of cultural artistry since our inception in 1999. Founded by Paulanthony Skerrett, known fondly as Pauly, Xpozure emerged as more than a Street Dance performance school—it became a testament to inclusivity, embracing individuals from all walks of life.

Our journey began not with the pursuit of trophies but with the commitment to fostering a community where every voice, every style, and every story finds a stage. While our three consecutive Street Dance championship victories and triumphs at the esteemed BBoy Championships speak of our excellence, our heart lies in the unity we foster within our diverse community.

Xpozure isn’t confined to dance floors; it’s a global movement. From collaborating with world-renowned choreographers to showcasing cultural artistry at prestigious events like the Olympic Arts Festival, our commitment to elevating diverse art forms remains unwavering.

Beyond dance, Xpozure has evolved into a platform for holistic empowerment. Our initiatives in education, fitness, and cultural exchange reflect our dedication to nurturing not just performers but leaders who embody the richness of global cultures.

At Xpozure, our mission transcends boundaries. We invite you to join us on this journey where cultural artistry thrives, diversity is celebrated, and every step we take echoes the harmony of unity through the performing arts.